Saturday, August 25, 2012

Strawberry Hill

"Three concerts in ten days, I'd say this is a good start to my summer," I beamed. Yes, it was the 7th of August and my summer had literally just begun with the Coldplay concert six nights previous. Now was the time to blow off some serious post-summer-classes steam.
I leaned back on my elbows on the picnic blanket we had laid out on the sprawling lawn and admired the pile of shoes that belonged to me and two of my closest friends. There were Ceileigh's cobalt blue platforms, my neutral wedges, and Sarah's gold strappy sandals. Ceileigh and Sarah had come out of the womb as best friends; Sarah and I had been friends since our freshman year of high school, and had grown closer with every passing year; and Ceileigh and I known of each other since freshman year, but we didn't become close until our senior year. The three of us were an inseparable trio, even with going to colleges at three different corners of the state of Michigan. The fourth addition to our group had his grey Converse still on his feet. Joey was Sarah's neighbor, her long-time crush, and my favorite person to secretly stalk in a very Pretty-Little-Liars-esq way. We're talking creepy, perfectly timed, anonymous texts.
"And we get to do this all over again in three days," said Sarah with a smile. Tonight was concert 2 of 3, and as the lawn began to fill up, I had a feeling we had made the right choice in adding one more to our line up.
Train was performing in Detroit tonight, and we had made a last minute call to get lawn seats. It was a warm night as the sun sank over the top of the pavilion, and I found myself on my feet as soon as Train opened with "50 Ways to Say Goodbye." The show was more fun than I even anticipated. I had worried the crowd would be a lot of middle-aged fans, but there was actually a good younger mix that kept the atmosphere electric.
"...She likes babies and surprises..."
"Sarah that's so you!" Ceileigh said as the classic "Meet Virginia" began.
"...She wears high heels as she exercises..."
"And that's so you Ceileigh!" Sarah exclaimed, catching on quickly.
Sarah has this natural motherly-instinct, and Ceileigh has a serious problem when it comes to her shoes.
"...She drinks coffee at midnight..."
"Xaylia!" Both Ceileigh and Sarah exclaimed at the line that followed in the next verse.
I do have a tendency to drink coffee at what most people would consider the wrong time, but when life could be this fun, why would I not want to stay awake to appreciate every small moment?

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