Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Live For The Moment, Not For The Memory

"... I'm still mad at her, I just ask her to call me back because for once, I'm under a lot of pressure, and she's all, 'I've got work 'till 10, and then have to wake up early to go up north, so I'll have to see how tired I am.' Come on!" I sighed, fluffing my friend Sarah's curls.
"I can tell you're still mad, you've told me this story like three times!" Sarah laughed.
The Mad Men theme song echoed from the other end of the bathroom counter, "Speak of the devil," I hissed as I glanced at the incoming call. It was Jen, "She's lucky I'm too excited about tonight to be as pissed as I still should be," I said to Sarah before answering with a cheery hello.
My cheeks were perfectly contoured, my hair was curled, and in neon yellow shorts and an aqua halter, I was ready for my first concert. Yes, I was 19 and it was my first concert. Don't judge.
"... Ok, I'll put on your lashes," I giggled, "We'll be over in like, 30 minutes... See you then!" I hung up and turned back to Sarah's curls, "I suck at this being-mad-at-my-best-friend-thing today."
"Understandable, it's Coldplay!"
I could hardly contain my excitement as I applied glitter eyeliner to Sarah's lashes. Coldplay, one of my all-time favorite bands, was playing in Detroit tonight. Months ago, Sarah and I had gotten our tickets and we had been counting down the days until today for what felt like forever. Me and my best friend Andrew had bonded over our mutual love of Coldplay, and had been planning to go together to the concert as soon as we found out we both had tickets. It wasn't long until Kang got a bit jealous of Andrew and me, and got tickets for himself, Jen, and Jen's boyfriend. Finally, the day was here.
"How long till you get here?" Andrew asked the second I picked up his call twenty minutes later.
"Ten minutes!"
"Make it five," Andrew snapped.
"I could if I were in the driver's seat," I said with a laugh before muttering to Sarah, "Stay in the right lane, it's the next exit."
Andrew and Kang were waiting in the driveway when we pulled up, and only a few minutes later, I found myself squished between Gabi, Andrew's fiancee, and Kang in the backseat of Sarah's black Fiesta.
"I can't believe we're actually going!" I said in shock under my breath as we sped on north.
"How many times have you said how excited you are?" Kang asked.
"I lost track hours ago," Sarah said sarcastically from the front seat.
"I think we should make a drinking game out of how many times Xaylia says she's excited for Coldplay," Andrew said and the entire car erupted in laughter.

"I feel like our best friendship just went full-circle," I said to Andrew as the pair of us led the group from the parking lot to the arena. Sarah and Kang trailed just behind us, followed by Jen, her boyfriend, and Gabi.
"Coldplay brought us together," Andrew said with a nod, polishing off his drink.
"And where we are, at the Coldplay concert, drinking rum and coke," I smiled, "That was my first ever drink at a bar, that you bought me."
Andrew returned my smile, "We're not best friends, we're best friends forever."
"Forever!" I said as Sarah and Kang caught up to us. We all finished our drinks, feeling buzzed from the rapid pace we had drank them at as we joined the crowd pouring into the stadium.
As we headed in, they handed us wristbands, wristbands I had only seen pictures of on tumblr. Andrew  and I tightened each other's around the other's wrist, and we all parted to our separate seats, agreeing to meet up again after the opening acts.
Well, opening act number one was boring, and Sarah and I had barely found our seats when we immediately went to buy shirts, where we met Andrew and Gabi in line doing the exact same thing. When we returned to our seats, Sarah and I had matching navy t-shirts and a beer to share, thanks to Andrew. As Marina and the Diamonds performed next, Sarah and I were visited by both Kang and Andrew, who both wanted to chat before Coldplay began.
The second Coldplay stepped onto the stage, Sarah and I screamed. The bracelets on our wrists lit up in time with 'Hurts Like Heaven,' which just so happens to be my favorite Coldplay song. The concert flew by in a haze of lights, and confetti, and light up bracelets, and some of the best music on the planet. Everything was perfect.

It was a rare nights of nothing but pure happiness. I was just so happy to be at the concert of one of my favorite bands, with my best friend by my side. Even when Sarah missed the freeway entrance coming home because her navigator (Andrew) was still decently drunk and feeding her pretzels instead of paying attention to the GPS, I had a stupid-big smile on my face. It was one of those nights where I was reminded of what it felt like to live in the moment, and to just make the most of every second. I believe that when you 'live for the moment, not for the memory' you can create some of the best memories; and that night was filled with memorable moments.

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