Monday, August 13, 2012

A Family Affair

"It's fucking cold out now that we're not around the fire."
"Its like the damn Sahara Desert out here,"I shivered.
"Sahara? Who says it Sa-har-uh? It's Sa-hair-uh!" Andrew teased.
"Sa-har-uh sounds more exotic! We're going on an adventure, braving the Sa-har-uh Desert in the dead of a frigid night!" I called, charging down the suburban block, swinging my half-empty beer bottle in one hand.
Only drunk best friends think it's a good thing to go on a walk around the block at 3am. I once read that at 3am most people are in their deepest stages of REM sleep, so its essentially the closest they are to being dead. Me and Andrew were most certainly not even close to being dead.
"-hang on, I've gotta piss-"
And Andrew kept continuing whatever we were talking about as he went around the other side of a tree. I giggled and had another sip of my beer.
"So tell me," Andrew came around the other side of the tree, zipping his pants, "What do you think of Andrew Kang?"
"He's a nice guy," I sighed. Andrew Kang, or Kang as we mostly called him, was my best friend Andrew's other best friend.
Both Andrews live in Oklahoma, and Kang is moving up to Michigan in a few weeks, and Andrew visits nearly every weekend or so. My other best friend is Andrew's sister, and she had told Kang all about me, and apparently he had been dying to meet me. I had met Kang yesterday, and his interest was obvious. I, on the other hand, was just enjoying my multiple Ciroc and Sprites and being around a bunch of friends.
"But there's something that's holding me back," the words tumbled out of my mouth.
"What?" Andrew asked as we walked next to each other.
"I, I shouldn't tell you, I really shouldn't," but I had to, someone had to understand, "I may have had a littletinythingwithIanbeforeheleft."
Andrew stopped dead, "Like, my brother Ian?"
"Maybe..." I bit my lip as a small smile spread across Andrew's face, "It was kind of a long standing flirtationship kind of thing that turned into something more, and then he left for London and-"
"'Turned into something more?' Better fill me in on that one, gurl," Andrew punched me lightly on the arm.
"We may have met up a few times, we may have made-out," I waved an airy hand as Andrew stared at me. The look on his face was as if he was almost... impressed.
"It was a long time coming, and I'm probably over-thinking things like usual, but I kinda liked him, we had some chemistry," I took a self-conscious sip of my beer. Someone had to know why I couldn't just fall for Kang, even if I wanted to, "And I guess I'm still holding onto this tiny, glimmer of hope at the back of my mind that things will just work out with Ian."
I might regret this in the morning. It was one of those 'sober thoughts become drunken words' sort of moments, but I needed someone on the inside to understand. Under normal circumstances, I would tell Andrew's sister, Jen, my other best friend, but not this one. She would kill me if she knew me and her other brother were more than just friends. She would literally slit my throat if she knew about our secret meet-ups, and make-outs. I would be in a grave on the side of the road if she knew that the one night when she called her brother, wondering where he ran off too after a family party, him and her best friend were both shirtless in the back of her best friend's car.
I guess I'm a pretty shitty best friend.
And a pretty damn good actress, because she doesn't suspect a thing.
Hopefully Andrew is as good of a secret-keeper as Ian.
And if he's not, well, I better pre-order my gravestone.

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